The Bitxh is back

Soooo, I’ve been up all night, thinking about how my love story ended-up after 4 years full of… Full of nothing actually. Damn.

And because too many things were on my mind, I wanted to share this note with all of you guys. Truly hope it will help some of you.


So everything starts with the idea my story could have been different.

At the beginning, a relationship is always  “la vie en rose” but a lack of attention can cause the break-up.

Despite it was loveless (at the very end), of course we spent a lot of good times together, and I’m convinced it wasn’t just “me”.  Being put in the corner as Baby is is not the best way to improve your love for your half part.

After all, I think and I regret the fact that we were just made to be friends. Like BFF. Not lovers. I truly appreciate and consider him. But I don’t love him like I should’ve loved my soulmate.  It’s a pity we cut contact with each other, because I miss him like so –damn- much.


But anyway.

Boys (and girls who date girls) : If you choose her, then treat her right.

Actually, you’re all like “why it’s always men to be patient, to respect you and all?” Well boy, I’ll tell you.

I’ll tell you that a woman, at any stage of her life stays the same person. With the same feelings. You need to know that women always love their man.  But their love reflect your acts. That’s it.

You love her, you kiss her, you PROVE her you’re crazy in love. Everything’s gonna be alright.

However, if you don’t pay attention to her, to her family, or to her friends, if you don’t protect her, or if you act like she’s yours and you don’t have to make efforts anymore…. Then dude, you’re all wrong.

If you’re complaining about your “crazy psycho B” because she’s such nosey, then ask yourself WHY is she a crazy psycho nosey!? Maybe you’ve been lying to her, maybe you look at other girls when you are walking down the street together, maybe she knows something you tried to hide to her…?

Every tiny act you’ve done has a consequence on your relationship.  Yes boys! This is the key for a successful relationship.

Trust me, this is the most important thing to keep in mind for a long love story : your partner’s love is reflecting  your behavior.


You love her but you can’t tell her because your pride is too big? Well, I’m sorry to tell you that, but you’re a cunt.

Anyway, if you can’t tell her, you should prove your girl you love her by taking care of her, of your kids/pets/whatever you share together.

You should buy her flowers sometimes, because women love flowers.

You should prove her you love her by respecting your promises, your engagements.

But GUYS! HEY! You need to act, and you’ll see the difference. Love is like fire. You need to maintain it to preserve it.


A girl deserve a man who’ll be there for her.  So be that kind of man.

My leitmotiv‘s always been the following: Treat her like a Queen and she’ll make you the King. (I think that’s a good one actually)



Love you all,

Take care



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